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Your Expert in Email Marketing
to guide You through the following

With emails piling up in our accounts each day we can foresee email marketing in 2019 as one of the main sources to become the authentic personalised channel marketing which will be incorporated across the various industries

No Spam, Only Inbox

We offer proactive outreach and deliverability coaching to ensure you achieve optimal inbox delivery as your primer consultants.

Open Rates

You have an expert in your circle who can coach you by accessing the open rates by providing you crafted measures of deliverability reports efficiently.

Click Through Rates

If your email marketing campaigns have a link for turning the traffic towards any other site or platform then rely on the world’s largest team of consultants only.

Know it when

To communicate at the right time and how many numbers of times is the biggest lesson by us you will be guided to make the most of it.

Be subjective

We will let you tell the story to make your customers feel the emotion out of their concern, excitement, joy or curiosity by helping you craft exclusive subject lines in order to convince your client to make a purchase.

Make your Own List

Build an Organic Email Subscriber list by putting tool to subscribe & engaging them with Welcome Email or monthly newsletter. This will impact your online reputation as well.


Why Onex Mail Consultancy?

Email Marketing is an ART to drive performance, you will have to follow process and make constant changes in strategy, learning from on-going trend in technology and consumer preference

  • We advise to make prospect buyer list and not long subscriber list by making validation question at time of Sign up and regularly removing non relevant email from list.
  • We warm up domain before sending mass mail, suggest regular communication from domain, check domain reputation, remove Hard Bounce Email from list, etc.
  • We Design Email Creative which will have an impact on audience and will drive sales to your online / offline business.
  • We can start from scratch like Domain Registration, Email Setup, Planning Engagement, Making Creative and Analysing Report in order to Achieve GOALS. If you have internal resources to execute the email campaign then Onex Mail will provide you with email marketing strategies and expertise for the proper guidance.
  • And if you are the one who has email expertise, but lack internal resources to execute a campaign month in and month out then Onex Mail will also help you with required resources to execute the campaign to drive performance.
  • We have also impressed our clients with our supervision skills and helped companies who were already associated with another email marketing vendor and needed an external audit. We performed it to determine whether they are receiving quality deliverables of strategy set for their goals which is one of our major KPIs.

    Thus, Onex Mail Consultancy provides you with in-house email marketing experts to help you perform each & every step under one roof.