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Digital Automation in Marketing by Netcore and One X Solutions

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By pentwister.com, 01 Aug. 2016

Keeping up to date in today’s world and staying ahead of your competition are important aspects in running any successful business. To keep you updated One X Solutions headed by Dipak Agarwal along with Netcore organized a session on e-mail marketing. Anil and Sreejith, the speakers of the event made the session crisp and intriguing. It was an eye opener as to how technologically advance the world of marketing has become, and the importance with detailed insights on automated digital marketing can make anyone realize how ancient their systems of marketing are.

Anisha Motwani, Q.E.D– “You always have someone who can assist you real time and solve any queries then and there”.

Sreejith helped us identify on the right traits of identifying potential customers, collecting their data through a special opt-in process, communicating with them in an intriguing and innovative manner so as to retaining their engagement and royalty. Along with making us understand that e-mail marketing still has the potential to give a 57% ROI, which is way higher than any other means it is also important in a digitally connected world to keep your audience engaged in whatever mode is available. Push Notifications, SMS, Voice Call and e-mail are a few examples of the multiple options available.


Pankaj Maloo, Kreative Fingers – I have acquired 100 + Customers just be tweaking my e-mail marketing tactics as suggested by Dipak from OneX Solutions

To help marketers and businesses strive Netcore has come up with a groundbreaking solution called “Smartech”. Smartech helps identify right and unique customers by attaching each person with an id for all the devices and mediums used by him. It also helps in unified views of customers so that all repositories of a marketer’s data from x amount of service providers are linked together and a particular person can be banked on in maximum possibilities.


Possibilities are endless when your data is linked with one of the most powerful marketing tool online. It helps giving maximum information to a consumer, for example. An SMS is sent to a customer but if the customer is on an app, one may opt to send a push notification instead, if push notification is clicked then the person might be sent to a particular area inside the app but if the notification is not clicked on then an e-mail might be triggered, if the e-mail was opened and no transaction was made, the cycle can be repeated with more relevant content. This flow chart can be clubbed in with SMS or even Voice call and can be customized to suit a product or a character best. It also helps in characterizing a brand.

Manisha Sharma, Oshea Herbals –Generally we are not updated with the current scenario in marketing, therefore we are benifitted a lot from seminars like these”.

Characterizing a brand and giving it a personality is the key to standout as it helps in connecting better with the audience. A marketer should create a personality of their brand and be human and not robotic in doing so. Headers and subject lines also have to be managed in a way that the customer might feel comfortable with and can relate to.


Probal Basu, Aurean Marketing Solutions –Seminars like these help you understand better using e-mail marketing

Boring and irrelevant content are evil and if not given a good thought over even the layouts of an e-mail can be responsible for being shot down to spam. Worst thing that can ever happen to an e-mail marketer is when an id is linked on an e-mail server’s history as a spammer. Therefore lots of steps of precaution have to be maintained. But most importantly as Sreejith said “mudde pe ao” as a potential customer will not wait around and spend more than ten seconds on an e-mail if he or she does not find intriguing. Intriguing information can only be given if the data of a marketer is segmented properly and relevant information is delivered. The possibilities are endless and automation in marketing is just the beginning. Companies like One X Solutions and Netcore have made their mark and has made life easier with their constant innovation in an ever growing digitally connected world.